The CodePin Community exists to facilitate the development and support of software solutions to specific enterprise technology issues as Open Source.


The projects housed within the CodePin Community are fully Open Source solutions for specific identifiable enterprise technology issues. These solutions are made with the intention of pinning or gluing separate open source software applications together so they are able to work together as a single solution to an enterprise technology need.

These projects are:
CAS SSO A Blackboard 8 Custom Authentication Module, utilized for authenticating users to a Blackboard 8 (and WebCT 4.2.1) Server via a CAS server.
The cas-client subproject is a component of this project, but also in itself is a stand-alone CAS Client library.
PERL Modules A collection of subprojects of PERL Modules
Subprojects: Getopt::LongUsage, Getopt::XML , XML::TreePP::Editor, XML::TreePP::XMLPath
Shell Utilities A collection of subprojects of independant command line shell programs.
Subprojects: amail
LDAP Hack LDAP Authentication Mechanism to integrate into other software like the Scarab artifact tracking system.
MPP - MySQL Pool Poller Glues Load Balancer (LVS, Piranha, F5 BigIP) to MySQL to create a solution which provides an intelligent failover for MySQL Database Servers.
ELV - Enterprise Log Viewer Near real-time, consolidated single-view monitoring of a distributed application's log files across clustered servers.
E-Password Administrator Glues GPG into centralized password distribution to create a solution for rotating a collection of server passwords and distributing them among a group of administrators via GPG encryption through e-mail based on an allow/deny access control of the individual administrator for each managed server.


Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT) at Western Illinois University

CAIT is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance technology. The organization is a part of Western Illinois University. NEWS