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    Refer to the installation documentation for the dependencies.
    All subproject libraries were tested with Java 1.5 (specifically release 22).

    cas-client dependencies

    No 3rd party library dependencies.

    Can run in any JVM environment.

    cas-weblogic dependencies

    Appendix A in the installation documentation describes how to obtain the WebLogic Server library needed for compilation. If you have an Oracle/Bea WebLogic Server, then you already have the library.

    Can only run in the WebLogic Server JVM environment.

    cas-blackboard dependencies

    The Blackboard PowerLinks 4.2.1 or greater is needed for compiling the CAS SSO Custom Authentication Module. To download it, you will need access to Blackboard's support site, Behind the Blackboard.

    However, the documentation is available on EDU Garage, Blackboard's Community Site.
    See Blackboard Developer Network Documentation, and PowerLinks SDK APIs v4.2.1

    Can only run in the WebLogic Server JVM environment, within Blackboard.
    Compatible with Blackboard version 8.0+, and probably also compatible with WebCT version 4.2.1+ as it should run in any Blackboard or WebCT deployment that has the (Blackboard/WebCT) PowerLinks SDK 4.2.1 and higher.


    Browse the CAS SSO project code online:

    View the CAS SSO Subversion repository online.

    Check out the source code from Subversion:

    Download bundles of the latest revisions:

    daterevisionarchivesummarized description
    2011.02.22 1.3.1 cassso-1.3.1 Initial Release