ELV - Enterprise Log Viewer



ELV's purpose is to provide near real-time, consolidated monitoring of web application log files on clustered web servers. A centralized aggregator manages client requests for file updates on selected web servers and forwards messages as they are appended.


  • Aggregator centralizes logging messages for distributed web applications.
  • Log4Javascript interface allows searching, filtering, and color-coding of messages.
  • Optional LDAP functionality for access control and log file path access.
  • Log severity level is parsed from the log message for better searching.

ELV is written in Java.

Screen Shots

Overview diagram of ELV's operation in the enterprise.

The Log Viewing interface, or web console, derived from Log4JavaScript.

The Log Viewing console is detachable.


The requirements for ELV is as follows:

  • Java 1.5
  • Firefox Web Browser


The log viewer console which displays the aggregated logs from the cluster of web servers in near real time is actually Log4javascript. Check out the Log4javascript project for further details about this console.


The Enterprise Log Viewer is currently brewing in CAIT's engineering lab and not yet available.
It will be released as Open Source at a future date.